Will Damnadam! Sink or Swim with “Atlantis?”

Will Damnadam! Sink or Swim with “Atlantis?”

My biggest gripe with the underground seems to come from the natural bravado that comes with rap music. I get it, it’s a braggadocious medium and a lot of the times people are just trying to emulate what the successful artists in the genre are doing. That doesn’t mean we as consumers have to like it though.

Indianapolis native, Damnadam!, turns the ego up to 11 on “Atlantis.” The production from Champagnelozzy on this song is great, the song gives a nice spacey almost underwater vibe that fits well with the title. The lyrics however are very shallow and cliche, typical of the brag filled trap song that litters SoundCloud nowadays. While the song itself isn’t bad, the delivery doesn’t make me believe what Damnadam! is saying on the track. The verse trudges along and it has its high points but the majority of it is diminished by the cliche sound and bars we’ve all heard several times over.

The saving grace of this song seems to be the second verse from featured artist, Christian Taelor. Taelor flows through the verse beautifully and the delivery on his bars makes up for any cliche’s he slid in there. My main problem with this and with a lot of songs come down to the content. My advice to artists like Damnadam! is to speak your truth. The vast majority of us in the underground can’t afford Maserati’s and bust down Patek’s, and you don’t need to talk about those things for people to appreciate your music. Speak your truth and the rest will come naturally.

This song does show some great potential and I feel like if the delivery is worked on, Damnadam! could have a hit on his hands in the near future. Check the song out down below and if you like it, be sure to keep tabs on Damnadam! for the time being.

Score: 6/10

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