Who is Silent Wings?

Who is Silent Wings?

Residing in a small town in North Carolina, 19 year old, Silent Wings tells us a bit about his background, before starting music, his inspirations, who he would want to collaborate with in the future, his style and much more. I got to catch up with Silent wings and ask him some questions.

ITS: So first question for you. How old are and what is it that you do?

SW: I’m 19 years old and currently wrapped up in a mix between college, work, and music. My end goal is to do music full-time though I know all is unpredictable, so I’m sure I’ll end up working full-time and doing music on the side until it takes over.

ITS: That’s all you can do man haha. Where are you from?

SW: I’m from a very small town in North Carolina where nothing much exciting happens. To put in in perspective the nearest mall is like 20 minutes out from where I live haha.

ITS: That sounds pretty small haha. Okay. So do you think your surroundings shaped you in any way creatively? In what way?

SW: I believe my surroundings have played a large part, recently, in shaping me creatively, though not so much in the beginning. I first started making music almost 4 years ago and I never really socialized with anyone, just stayed in my room experimenting with sounds. It’s funny because when I started making music my body went through vast changes physically and I became obsessed with self growth and expanding the mind, so I would spend time in each class of high school on my laptop looking into documentaries of philosophers. This unfolded into my creative process as I wanted to ask questions with my art, and have those who listen dig deeper. And here recently I’ve expanded more into the world, started to work, and have fallen in love, so my music is being more swayed to my emotional and physical state, what I feel internally and hope those who listen feel as well.

ITS: Thats how it should be. Self growth is very important. Very interesting. Okay so who are your top 5 artists/producers?

SW: This is such a tough one because I have tons of respect for so many artists but for my top five would have to be, Oliver Francis, Craig Xen, Skress, Lil Skies, Paycheck (in no specific order).

ITS: Haha I feel that. But those ones are good. What made you want to start producing beats?

SW: Well, when I started making music I wasn’t working so I had no money and couldn’t buy beats. The only alternative I thought of was making my own instrumentals. This process took such a long time, it was very hard for me to get it down in the beginning. I never stood grounded in producing cause my heart was truly into the recording part and getting emotions out. Though producing beats did help me learn the DAW I use Fl Studio, and gain a strong flow for my recording process.

ITS: Impressive. You have to work with what you have. I love that. What’s your favorite song at the moment?

SW: My favorite song at the moment would for sure have to be “Devil On Yo Right Shoulder – UnoTheActivist” his energy is so raw on all his tracks but that one has hit my soul as he pulls out some great melodies with unique lyrics.

ITS: I’ll have to check it out for sure haha. This is one of my favorite questions to ask. Who would you like to collab with? (Artists or producers)

SW: Haha. My dream collab that I know will never happen is with Oliver Francis, he’s my inspiration for even starting music as his come up is extremely relatable. But other than that I would love to collab with CashBently, Koi, Tom The Mail Man, Ericdoa, or Tony Velour! (There’s so many more artists I could include but just to name a few I’d be grateful to collab with).

ITS: Very interesting. I am gonna have to look into those artists. So how would you describe your style?

SW: I’d describe my style as pure, I do not want to put any false energies into the universe. I believe in manifestation at the highest level if you treat it right, so i’m careful with the words I use in my music as well as the sounds the words produce. I will not to stick to one sound though, I will always experiment with different sounds, tempos, keys, all of that. To me, what means the most is how you feel from consuming any piece of art, whether it be a song, painting, movie, nature, drawing, how does it make you feel and can you connect?

ITS: Personally I understand that. Is there something that keeps you going? How you doing mentally?

SW: Yeah. Happiness and longevity. You or I could die tomorrow and as cliché as that sounds, it’s true. We’ve got to push the youth to focusing on what makes them happy cause it’s all that truly matters in the end. Now, we’re human so we will have good and bad days as we experience a range of emotions, though doing what makes you happy and will fuel you day to day in this life is CRUCIAL!!! Fuck what anyone says about you, if you love phone cases then start a business around that and kill that shit, this is your life! So that keeps me going and in a stable mindset, pushing the message to people to follow their heart and do what makes them happy. It doesn’t matter how many people I push this to 1, 10, 100, or millions, the chain reaction will follow suit. And one thing I want to add to this for how I’m doing mentally, I find myself spending a lot of time alone and getting into my head to learn more about me. It’s okay to take time to yourself to learn more about you, honestly it’s essential for any human.

ITS: WOW! I agree with this so much. You seem to be very leveled headed and have a good direction for yourself. So this brings me to my next question. How do your parents feel about you making music?

SW: Haha. Well my parents think it’s cool but I keep it sheltered from them. I’m saving up for my own place so I can have more creative peace as I can never make any music if anyone else is in the house. It’s not an insecurity, more so an energy thing. I need my energy to be the strongest in the immediate area for me to produce the rawest emotions into my art. And they want me to happy as well though it worries them that this path is not stable or has no direction, though no career truly does, there is uncertainties in anything anyone does in their life (tying back into why happiness has to be what we shoot for as a society).

ITS: Interesting. I get where they are coming from. But like I said you seem to know what you want. Not a lot of people do. So when you are not making music, what are you doing? What keeps you busy?

SW: Outside of music I’m usually working, spending time with my girlfriend, brother, or I’m spending time with myself. When I’m alone I usually put on some music and head off in my mind to find new details about myself, or advance in certain aspects. I also used to play lots of video games and I still kind of do, though now my time is so stretched I’m trying to find a balance.

ITS: Very cool. We need more people like you. So when you are looking into yourself to find new discoveries, where do you see yourself this time next year?

SW: By this time next year I’ll have my own place and be putting out consistent art. I’ve been doing music for a while though I’m going to start taking it seriously now as I’m receiving more and more signs. I hope to have met and made many more friends within music and expanded out drastically! Continuing to be grateful for each and every experience. 🙂

ITS: Wow! Awesome! Well it was wonderful interviewing you man. You seem to have a ton of potential and a bright future. Where can everyone find you that haven’t heard of you yet?

SW: I can be found on SoundCloud, Twitter, and YouTube soon. I’ve only got my music up on SoundCloud for non-profit streaming though as traction builds up I will put my music up on other streaming services for all! I’ll be uploading some of my music on YouTube soon as well as music videos in the future. Here are my links: https://soundcloud.com/silentwingsx , https://twitter.com/silentwingsx , https://youtube.com/c/silentwings

ITS: Nice! anything else you wanna say or a message ?

SW: Lastly I’d like to thank Fuck The Unknown, their entire team, and everyone who reads this. I’ve found myself on being grateful and this means so much to me truly. I hope to astonish all who are in for the long run and push positive and pure energy to all, thank you!

ITS: Thank you! If you guys want to check out Silent Wings,
You can check him out in the looks above !


Born in NY, Reaper makes music in the underground and recently became one of the designers and writers for FTU. You can contact Reaper Via Twitter.

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