The Mastermind Behind: PSYCHWARD

The Mastermind Behind: PSYCHWARD

How old are you and where are you from?

I’m an 18 year old creative from Edinburg, Texas.

What are some clothing brands you wore growing up?

I grew up rocking a lot of band tees then I slowly progressed into horror movie tees since they had the most gruesome shit on garments.

When did your love of streetwear begin?

I started to love streetwear when I was introduced to Odd Future. The edgy side of these kid’s wardrobes really inspired me to wear a bunch of weird shit. I just thought collecting Odd Future merch was cool until I stumbled upon ZacFTP’s No Jumper interview. That’s where my interest really took off.

What made you want to start PSYCHWARD?

The real reason why I started Psychward was because nobody made anything that truly appealed to me at the time. Now after 4 drops I have a couple of garments that suit my wardrobe perfectly.

What is your favorite piece of clothing that you have dropped?

My favorite piece that I’ve dropped is probably the cult leader tee, only because it pissed so many people off. I feel like if someone’s kid pulled up with this shirt on I’m sure they would get dragged to church by their parents.

What are your thoughts on product placements?

I think product placements give creatives better opportunities when it comes to getting recognition for the things they’ve created. Nascar Aloe wore one of my shirts in a video and my followers went up ever since then. I still get notifications about my clothes being on Nascar Aloe to this day.

Where do your designs come from? Give me some background on your latest release.

When it comes to designs i just tend to think of a lot of fucked up shit. Usually all of my shit is inspired by the negative thoughts I have from time to time. Unathletic told me if I express my emotions through my craft that I would be unstoppable. I guess the man was right about that.

How would you describe your brands style?

I would describe my brand as “one huge psychotic mess.” There’s never a time where I drop something without offending a sensitive person. That’s one thing I love about my craft, it’s infamous for what it stands for – pure fucking chaos.

What can we expect to see for the future of PSYCHWARD?

Expect a lot of work with Sick Of Angels, The Missiya, VileFiles, Doubtful Clothing, No Paradigms and hopefully other big names in the underground industry.

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