The Breaking of Superstar Jig

The Breaking of Superstar Jig

Where are you from?

I’m from Maywood, Illinois. It’s right by Chicago. I’ve stayed in Joliet since i was like 6 though so that’s what I claim.

What kind of music did you listen to growing up?

I started off listening to Linkin Park and the music I heard on Guitar Hero like the Smashing Pumpkins and Ozzy Osbourne. The first rappers I started fucking with were Eminem, Lil Wayne, Drake, and basically anyone I heard on the radio.

At what age did you actually start making music?

I started making parody songs in the 6th grade and I was just fucking around. Throughout middle school I messed around with my USB mic and Audacity but the first time I made like an official song was the summer before my freshman year.

What are some of your favorite songs that you’ve created?

My favorite is “Let’s Take a Trip” off of my Rebel Radio EP. It’s not a fan favorite or anything but it’s definitely one of my most experimental and it’s my favorite to listen to while I’m tripping balls. That song brings me to a different world and I know I’ve made better but that song just told me I can do any genre or any sound I wanted to.

Whats your musical process like? How long does it normally take to create a full song?

Pretty much all of my songs sound different so it’s a different process for each. When I’m just spitting straight bars I can get it done quick with like 1-2 layers of the verse and an adlib track which takes like 20 minutes to record. But when I go for a more melody driven song I try to go for a more euphoric sound and I gotta play around a lot more, which can range from me just getting it done or me spending a couple of hours on it to get the perfect sound.

What are your current plans for 2020?

I got two projects I’m working on currently which are Rainbow Road Reloaded and Wave Hop. Rainbow Road is me playing with the sounds and experimenting with what I want to perfect on Wave Hop. Wave Hop is like a dimension I created in my musical universe. I went through a lot regarding mental health and relationships in the real world and I looked for escape in order to grow into the person I should be in the real world. Basically the drugs I tried, the new people I met, and me talking to my higher self. I don’t wanna give too much away but just know there’s gonna be a deeper meaning behind Wave Hop and I want any of my fans who are going through anything to know they shouldn’t have to depend on any of the things I depended on for happiness because everything fucked me up even more. But asides from that I’ll be dropping hella singles and doing as many visuals as I can. I wanna be as successful as I’m supposed to be whether it’s me just having a small cult fan base or me being the next star. I just want my work to be appreciated in the end because I put everything into this.

What are some things you like and dislike about the underground?

I like how there’s a huge ass variety of sounds that we hear from the artists. The mainstream pretty much depends on the sounds of the underground to keep bringing in new fans and I think it’s dope. The only thing I dislike is how cliquey everything is. There’s a lot of dick riding that goes on and sometimes it’s pay to play which is lame as fuck to me.

Who are some of your favorite artists?

Tyler, the Creator is hands down my favorite. Wolf told me that I didn’t have to follow any of the norms when it came to this rap shit and that I didn’t have to be like anyone else. I also really fuck with Travis Scott, Playboi Carti, Kanye, Lucki, Three Six Mafia (Project Pat mainly) Tame Impala, and a shit ton of others. I like all types of music and my favorites always change but that’s my current rotation as of now.

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