Matt Graham

Matt Graham

Birth Name: Matthew Alston
Age: 24
HomeTown: South Carolina

Matt Graham is a music producer the heavily focuses on lo-fi, jazz trap, and soul music. Coming straight out of South Carolina with a freshly released beat taped titled “Soul Tape #1” which is a project that could nourish the soul of the dead.

Matt Graham is everything you didn’t know you needed with beats that pack flavor and the musical taste of an artist that really has longevity in this music business. It’s been a minute since I have seen a producer make me feel so nostalgic, especially in this age where many beats and artist just quite frankly sound the same but with Matt Graham, there is a spark that would make Lauren Hill feel the spirit.

With all the right tools and noticeable collaborative works, Matt Graham could be a legend in this hip-hop game. I’m honestly quite surprised he’s gone unnoticed all this time. Matt also has an unreleased single with one of my favorite artist JameirKGolden and I’m so ready to hear how the two blend their style to create a masterpiece of dreams.

Keep up with Matt Graham via social media @Mattgraham.exp

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