Artst Unkwn – Loveless Summer EP

Artst Unkwn – Loveless Summer EP

artst unkwn is an artist from… well that’s unknown. That in itself is what makes him one of the more unique upcoming indie acts that I’ve come across recently. By not giving much of anything to know about him, he’s truly living up to his alias. I mean, I can’t even find a picture of the guy that fully reveals his face. This kind of dedication reminds me of GhostFace Killah except artst unkwn takes it one step further by actually never revealing his face like MF DOOM. I also love the way his alias is spelled.

artst unkwn recently dropped a new EP for the summer entitled Loveless Summer. This EP sitting at 6 tracks playing for 14 minutes follows a theme of artst feeling hopeless, lonely, stressed, scared, regretful, deceived/used, uncared for, lied to, and stabbed in the back. artst touches on how he deals with the addiction of making dope music as it helps him escape from the harsh reality in his life of having family members who are addicts of a different type of dope.

While not only delivering some bangers about love/lust and grinding from sunrise to sunset, on the title track we find artst harmonizing on a bit of a power pop type beat about having a will to reach further for success, dreaming about money and gold. My favorite track has to be the intro Southside Summer. This song kicked off the project so well with feel-good vibes of the booming bass, smooth head bopping drums, the piano, and just how atmospheric the song is.

Loveless Summer serves as a short & sweet EP to vibe with as we ride out the rest of the summer. It should appeal to listeners who have an ear for sad, chill rap, and alternative R&B.

Listen to Loveless Summer here:

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