Pro Zay Discusses His Newest Project “Blood Stained Pages”

Pro Zay Discusses His Newest Project “Blood Stained Pages”

Pro Zay has the type of cadence that makes you believe he was born to rap. With a smooth and confident approach on the mic, the Texas rapper delivers aggressive lyrics and vivid storytelling over an array of production styles throughout his discography. With a distinct and raspy voice, Pro Zay was made to rap on brighter instrumentals. The juxtaposition creating a unique sound that is impossible to replicate.

With a consistent release pattern, Pro Zay has built up one of the most colorful discographies in the current rap scene. Following the classic hip-hop blueprint of one rapper pairing with one producer, Pro Zay has an arsenal of talented beat-makers who are ready to lay the groundwork for Zay’s storytelling. Pro Zay had one of the best 2020s in rap. Releasing a total of 8 projects including NCL-Zay 2, Chain smoke, and Foil just to name a few.

To kick off 2021, on April 10, Pro Zay released Blood Stained Pages, a project that has the rapper at his most vulnerable. A stand-out track like “Haze” has brutally honest lyrics and brilliant storytelling over a somber yet beautiful loop chopped up by Fred E. Krush.

I sat down with Pro Zay to discuss his career so far and the process of creating Blood Stained Pages

Check out the project here: 

Listen to our full conversation here: 

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