Phive 6 – Energy Never Dies

Phive 6 – Energy Never Dies

Phive 6 just released this hot new track titled “Energy Never Dies,” which is a new song discussing him acknowledging the darker side of himself and how he overcome fear. Saying that at the end of the day we are all human and we all turn into stardust. Try your best to spread love.

Song features an eerie intro, a catchy flow, and a dope beat produced by NetuH. With a rather dark and close to home topic is what drew me into this song. This song is a song that’d be unique enough to catch anyone’s attention. This song is bound to bring in more people into his growing fan base.

This song makes me feel like I’m going to a different place. Makes me feel that everyone be really going through it. It’s a normal thing to be feeling like that. Shows that some of the greatest people be getting slept on. So even when it feels like something or someone is holding you back, keep on going. To continue on and not care about what anyone else got to say.

Give his new song a listen on Spotify.

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