Birth Name: Naomy Torres
Age: 21
HomeTown: Chambersburg, Pennsylvania

Naomy Torres most popularly known as Fatty Spice is the sketchbook artist of dreams from Chambersburg, Pennsylvania bringing her collection of thoughts alive through a world of expressively unique sketches that she creates all from her mind.

It’s not every day that you see sketchbook artist catch attention of media but with such attention to detail and a minimalistic approach how could you ignore the beauty in her work, a friend of mine showed me some of her art and honestly I fell in love with it from the moment I seen characters that looked as if they could be concept arts for a video game or an animated series on Netflix.

Naomy Torres – 8/21/19

Popular music artist J. Cole has even sparked inspiration in the young artist becoming apart of a more intricate sketch made up of simple geometric shapes, interlocking together creating the final image you see now.

Naomy has stated “I’ve been drawing since first grade and I never stopped” later on in life she would adopt the artist moniker “Fatty Spice” which was a named inspired by popular television show Spice Girls.

From captivating sketchbook thoughts to captivating awe’s and logo designing, Fatty Spice is building quite a space for an untapped market of sketching out canvas’s with only her perfect vision in mind with Fatty Spice you get drawings full of personality and vibes.

Signature style has been something this artist is beginning to develop all on her own from bedroom sketches to some of your favorite artist cover art.

I think you’ll soon find this Chambersburg artist on street covers to artistic displays around the world so you better find her will she’s still relatively undiscovered.

Support her account/art @FattySpice on Instagram

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