Nigerian-born, London-based multi-disciplinary artist LOSHH shares his debut single ‘FEELAM’.

Working between visual arts, poetry and sound, LOSHH grew up in and amongst a family with notable connections to the performing arts, accrediting this and the Fuji sound as his early inspirations for his music and expression. Writing and recording the track during lockdown with the Colombian producer and percussionist Santiago Morales, FEELAM is a powerful self-expression of emotion. “FEELAM is in your soul, it’s in your spirit, FEELAM means to feel it, feel something, be present,” he muses. 

Having recently blown everyone away at Afropunk’s first ever virtual festival with his 6-piece band, LOSHH is stepping out and doing things on his own terms. The moniker of Dublin-raised Loshh Aje, his foray into music was a natural progression with his family being a huge influence, coming from a church background and being surrounded by talent from the start. He spent much of his early teens with uncles that made Juju, Fuji and Gospel music whilst his mum would take him to jams where musicians would vibe as they played talking drum, drums, piano, guitar and shekere. From there, he taught himself to play drums and guitar whilst finding a passion for writing. In 2016 he saw his first self help book published before going on to start modelling and writing poetry. With a love for writing, poetry, fashion and music, it was only time that this multifaceted polymath emerged as one of the most exciting new voices in the UK. 

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