Lil Step (On Necks)

Something about Massachusetts is bringing serious talent to light in the music world. “Relativity,” is a prime example of what doing you and living life sounds like.

This 8 track tape, brought to us by 22 year old artist, “Lil Step,” brings a breath of fresh air to listeners. Each track is unique and carries itself. This prevents any listener from becoming bored. A personal favorite of mine is track 3, “Nobody Like You.” From the vocal melodies carried by Step to the production from Sandman & Stoopid Lou, as well as the feature from Brizzy; Everything ties together and leaves you needing to hear more.

I had the chance to speak with Step and acquire some background information regarding the tape and what inspired him. He told me life has thrown many obstacles at him in recent years. Also, not to mention Covid gave him an extra incentive to work on himself and his craft.

In terms of longevity, Lil Step is well along his way to making himself known. Stream Relativity and support your local artists!

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