Lil Lunas Falls Just Short of Sunrise with “5am”

Lil Lunas Falls Just Short of Sunrise with “5am”

The emo-rap wave has become a staple of SoundCloud and doesn’t appear to be going anywhere anytime soon. As some would complain there is an over-saturation of the sound, that same problem has allowed for us to see the genre at its best and at its worst. Lil Lunas new song “5am” seems to fall somewhere in the middle of that.

The song itself isn’t terrible. The repeating guitar chords that play throughout combined with the fat 808s underneath combine for that perfect melancholy sound. The lyrics themselves are a bit melodramatic and somewhat cliche, both of which I’m willing to cut a bit of slack to Lunas on with him being a non-native English speaker. 

And I would be able to give him a full pass if I didn’t have to try so hard to make them out. This songs achille’s heel is truly the mix. I found myself going through several different pairs of headphones and speakers just so I could fully make out the lyrics. Even with the lyrics supplied to me by Lunas himself, it was still a struggle to make out every sound as his vocals seemed to be buried underneath the strings and bass in the song. 

That said, Lunas effort is still apparent and shows glimpses of what could be something great if finely tuned. Check the song out for yourself below, and follow the German-born Lil Lunas if you like what you hear.

Score: 5/10

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