Knowing CodyNeedsHelp

Knowing CodyNeedsHelp

“I’m really doing this because it’s what I love to do. I’m always going to give back and show love”, says CodyNeedsHelp. Cody is a 22 year old artist from Crosby, TX. Below are some highlights from a conversation I got to have with him.

Who are your biggest inspirations?

The easy answer would be Peep but honestly I didn’t find out about him until late 2017 when he passed. He was all I listened to when my mom passed away. Never knew music like that existed, emotional lyrics over hard 808’s changed me. Before that I listened to The Used, Mayday Parade, TakingBackSunday, Senses Fail, Good Charlotte and Panic at the Disco. As far as underground I’ve looked up to Fats’e, Convolk and Guardin.

How long have you been making music? Is it a way of coping with things that happen in life?

I released my first song on SoundCloud late January of 2018. Music is definitely one of my ways of coping. Writing down your thoughts and feelings then making something with that for people to relate to and feel how you feel is the best fucking feeling in the world.

Are you more of a one man team or do you have people around you with a similar vision?

Just recently I have been getting involved and connecting with other artists/producers who make similar music. I actually went to Tacoma, Washington last month and met an artist who makes music like mine. I stayed with him and we made a whole EP.

Houston is a huge music city, have you ever felt like the scene wasn’t fucking with you or have you received love for the most part?

I’m from a small ass country town 30 minutes outside of Houston. People here fuck with me heavy and I help smaller artists out, letting them use my equipment. Really haven’t expended out locally yet. The Houston scene is insane, Trevor Daniel went to a high school about 30 minutes away from me.

As far as making the music, do you only write and record or have you also picked up on engineering/producing?

I taught myself how to mix and I actually mix all of my music, but I still don’t know how to make beats.

Do you have any upcoming projects either to finish off 2020 or are you planning bigger things for 2021?

I have an EP coming up with SRGGranted and we’re thinking about doing some live sets with it, I also have a song dropping with Sorry X at the end of October.

What is one song you have made that you think would describe you as a person and artist?

“Wash Your Hands Before You Fuck Me” is something I wrote when going through some things with my baby mama. The hook goes, “Pull my hair, put me down. Tell me I’m the worst baby let it out. Sink or swim I’ll stick to drown. The pain is numbing, burn me out.” We were going through some shit and I was basically saying I could be happy if she was. I wanted her to put it all on me and take it out on me. I still feel this way… in any situation with the people I love and care about. They can put all the weight and stress on me and if that takes just a little bit of their pain away it would be worth it. I could be happy knowing my loved ones are.

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