Isaiah Flowers: America’s Favorite South Side Boy!

Isaiah Flowers: America’s Favorite South Side Boy!

Roughly 20 years ago, a small flower bud was exposed to the world only to grow into the beautiful French Marigold we know today- Isaiah Flowers. With supporters from all around the world, Isaiah Flowers has shown the RGV what it truly means to be a dreamer. From constantly draining his time into recording songs to singing his heart out on stage at live performances, Isaiah has made his mark as one of the most influential individuals of today’s generation!

Where are you from? Tell the masses a little bit about yourself!

I’m born and raised from Mission Texas. (shoutout the 956) I’m 20 years old, my favorite color is blue and I’m a film lover.

What’s the meaning behind your latest album “Take Me Back”?

The meaning of Take Me Back is about how everything in my past was just about having fun and making mistakes, either if it’s with your friends or the girl you like, I think about how I would wanna relive it or change a couple things to see where it would’ve went you know? It also was in the subject on how the real world isn’t pleasant and how I thought it was going to be with the society we live in today. “Take me back to the days where life was easy.”

When did you realize that making music was something you were passionate about?

Music was something I wanted to do in the beginning in high school but I was always scared that I’d get made fun of/ nobody would be taking me seriously or giving my music a listen.

How did you start getting into making music?

What really pushed to me to at least try it was because of a girl I liked. I was trying to impress her to get her to like me, so I dropped a song (that’s not up anymore) to see if she’ll like it.But it showed me that it was more than just a girl, it was the feeling of speaking your thoughts out to the world and the people out there that could relate to my emotions.

Out of everything in the world, music seems to have intrigued you the most. Why is that?

Music has helped me through the hardest times of my life and it also created memories with friends that I’m able to think back on when I hear that certain song I created.

Do you have anything in store for the future?

Currently working on something new while I’m trying to find a feel on how I want this new project to sound like. I don’t know when it’s dropping but I’m excited for it to be completed!

If you could thank anyone for where you’re at right now, who would you have in mind?

I’m thankful for my close friend of mine @JOELITO_JOELITO He produced the majority of the tracks on my latest project. He’s an insanely talented guy and he’s the reason why Take Me Back is the masterpiece it is today. He’s my right-hand man, and most importantly, he’s my best friend!

How do you come up with your song ideas?

I really just be writing about shit that goes on in my mind or what I’ve been through in the past. I try to tell a story that most people can relate to.

How did your parents react when you told them music was your life long dream?

When I showed my parents my songs they weren’t really intrigued by it, they would just push it off and told me to focus on school. Lately I’ve been hearing my pops driving around listening to Jansport in his Beamer haha, it’s a good feeling and it shows me that they somewhat believe in me.

What keeps you going when it comes to creating new music?

The fans, man. They keep me going! When I perform and hear them sing my words back at me, it’s a crazy experience. I do it all for them.

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