Interview With J Ingram

Interview With J Ingram

Everyone give a warm welcome to upcoming artist Jack Ingram better known as his stage name J Ingram. Coming out of Kansas City with latest release “On My Mind”.

What made you choose “J Ingram” as your stage name?

“There’s another artist named Jack Ingram so I wanted to differentiate myself. And I think just J sounds cooler tbh.”

Did you have any other stage names beforehand?

“Nope! I’ve always been J Ingram”

What was it like growing up in Kansas City?

“I love KC. The whole vibe there is about caring for the homies, and that’s something I really value. Even though I live in LA now, I still keep in touch with my close friends from KC.”

What made you want to pursue music?

“I want to pursue music because I love the feeling of creating something artistic for people to enjoy. I also feel like I just have to make music… It’s always been something that helps me get my emotions out.”

Did any artist influence your style? If so, Who?

“There are so many artists that have shaped my style…. But if I have to choose one, It’s The 1975. I think they are just so bold with everything they do and their aesthetic is so compelling to me.

What was it like writing “On My Mind”?

“I wrote On My Mind back when the covid quarantine was just starting. I was feeling very lonely, like all of us were, and I was dying to meet somebody to love. So I wrote a nostalgic song about being crazy in love with someone to give myself some good vibes!”

What are your goals before 2020 ends?

“My goal before 2020 ends is to finish the last track on my EP and get ready to release some more songs!”

Be sure to check him and his new song out “On My Mind”

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