Hawaii’s favorite artist Zayotrapps

Hawaii’s favorite artist Zayotrapps

Zayotraps is the next new star out of Honolulu, Hawaii. A 24-year-old rapper with big dreams. Mixing rap and RnB styles together, he is creating something new with every song. He is best known for songs such as “Non Chalant” and “ABC’s.”

Zayotraps is sure to catch the attention of any new listener. With catchy flows and hot beats to match his style. Along with his unique twist on certain topics, it’s sure to bring a crowd in with any song he puts out.

Coming out of Hawaii might be a whole different kind of work but Zayotraps is proving them wrong and continuing to show the world what he got. Be sure to keep an eye out for him and his upcoming music. For now, be sure to check out his most popular song “ABC’s.”

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