Half Evil x Worldwide Youth tease their new drop “World Wide Evil”

Half Evil x Worldwide Youth tease their new drop “World Wide Evil”

What happens when two of the most popular streetwear brands band together on a drop? The answer: World Wide Evil. The brands recently teased their latest collection, which features a variety of products including three unannounced pieces, and in-store exclusives.

The majority of pieces from Half Evil feature designs showing dark imagery and chaos – this drop is no different. Whether this is illustrated through twisted creatures or raging fires, the theme remains consistent. Much of the collection features orange and purple, whether that be on graphics, or the piece itself – a nod to signature WWY colours. Both brands continue to push boundaries and separate themselves from competition through their diverse stock of umbrellas, Swiss army knives, and skateboard decks.

As is common in drops by Half Evil, the collection features two $3.33 tees, featured in the top left of the image above in purple and orange. The drop will also likely feature more high end prices as it features cut and sewn pieces as well as embroidery. The reaper hoodie will be heavyweight for the winter season, and the embroidery piece will be a regular, lighter fit.

It comes as no surprise to anybody with one eye on the streetwear industry that Half Evil and WWY continue to release high quality pieces and stand out from the crowd, despite the over saturation of the industry.

You can shop from the collection here on November 29th. Follow Half Evil on Instagram here, and WWY here.

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