Gypsy – I am the I am

Gypsy – I am the I am

In this EP, Gypsy talks about making it out the hood and making a name for himself in the music world.

Starting the EP off with a nicely distorted melodic intro. Gypsy talks about being remembered when he’s gone. He also brings up how he finally found out his true self when he’s with that special someone, “and I’m with you-you’re my entity.”

Transitioning to the second song, “Bonsai.” Gypsy brings up his fashion sense saying he always had drip even before the money.

The bar that stood out to me on, “Nine Cups” had to be “Cut off my head and put it on display.” Which can mean plenty of things. But in the streets, this means somebody had a bounty on you and used your head as a trophy.

Fourth track being, “Requiem” Gypsy talks about finally making it and helping those that helped and supported him during the come up. And finally, gaining the respect of his peers to be given the title Master.

Skipping over to the last song, “I am the I am” he praises those that he lost. Giving them the credit for his success and never giving up. Gypsy then speeds up the verse at the end proving his savagery and putting his city on the map.

Gypsy proved that he is definitely here to stay with this EP!

Listen to “I am the I am” here.

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