Getting to know XXXHXAILO

Getting to know XXXHXAILO

Eighteen year old XXXHXAILO, real name Geneva is making her way up from the underground. Even through the hardships and tough environments. XXXHXAILO talks about how she started and where she gets her inspiration from. XXXtentacion pushing her to become the artists she is today, we get to go more in depth in this interview.

ITS: To begin, I wanna ask what is it that you do? 

GA: My name is Geneva, my artist name is XXXHXAILO. I’m a producer, songwriter, and vocalist from Fresno, California.  

ITS: Interesting artist name for sure. How do you pronounce it? Where did it come from or what does it mean?

GA: LMAO. omg I get this all the time. I know my name is stupid. I just say “my name is whatever you want it to be”. To be honest I don’t even know the right way to pronounce it. And the meaning behind my name the xxx means unknown and hxailo means angel. (made my own meaning)

ITS: Hahaha its okay! It’s creative.
Back tracking here a bit, So since you are 18, How long have you been making music, seriously for ? What pushed you to be like ” You know what fuck it, I’m gonna make music “

GA: Actually an artist pushed me to do it. Um xxxtentacion if you know who he is. I just really loved his art and looked up to him so I was like ‘ fuck it I wanna make music.” I started in 2017 and started uploading in 2018. I just thought the beats X had were so cool and beautiful, it’s amazing art and I wanted to do that too. It’s fun to play around with stuff and just creating it is fun in general.

ITS: Since he has passed away, do you think his death has pushed you more or held you back creative wise ?

GA: I found him in 2017 and been listening since then when he passed it definitely effected me. I guess you can say it held me back for a while because I  was really sad and I was like “this man saved my life with his music like whats the point of making music?” I really thought of giving up. He always wanted his fans to chase their dreams and to not give up so I continued making music because if I would’ve met him I feel like he would’ve told me to not give up.

ITS: Though this seems like a simple question, Artist have definitely had answers that had other artists change or open up their minds more on why they music. So for you, what is the reason and why do YOU make music ?

GA: I make music because first, it’s a good hobby. Lastly, I love expressing myself and showing others what kind of beautiful art I can make. I just love doing it. You can do so much in a beat or a song, it’s fun. I describe my style as very versatile. I like to experiment with sounds, keys, tempo, everything. I personally put alot of time into my stuff. I don’t just do this for no reason. It’s a passion.

ITS: It’s good that you love to do it. Lots of artist think of this as a business then lose interest in making music.

GA: Yeah I don’t think of this as a business.

ITS: Thats good. So you said a hobby, this time next year, do you think you’ll still be where you are now with music or do you think you’ll progress this into a career?

GA: Oh definitely. I will still be doing music next year and I feel like this will be a career. I mean I guess it is already because I’ve been doing this for 4-5 years. I also think I’ll be noticed more and have more fans next year too. I see myself being happy and out of the abusive household I’m in soon. By this time next year, I’ll have 1,000 followers or even more on Soundcloud (hopefully) right now I have 85 and I want to continue to grow and get a bigger fanbase. I want to continue to bless peoples ears with my music and make people happy. I want everyone around me to be happy and I want to spread positive energy.

ITS: Interesting. These days, artists tend to fall off because of drugs, trouble with the law or people and the list goes on. My question for you is, what is going to keep you on the right track to where you want to be musically?

GA: The support. I get a lot of support from close people and fans. I have random fans just texting me some days saying they love my music, they relate to my songs which makes me really happy and makes me want to continue to make music. I also get support not related to my music career, support with my mental health and I have people to talk to and people who are there for me. Keeps me going everyday. I almost quit music last year, because of like you said, drugs. I was really in a bad place. If I didn’t have music I don’t know what I would do. It’s my passion, and it’s my favorite thing to do. Right now, my mental health is better than it was a few months ago. It’s up and down. I’m very open about my mental state in my music sometimes. To be completely honest I have been dealing with substance abuse and self-harm through the years and I’m trying I really am. I’m slowly getting better and I just want to be happy and stay clean. I’m glad I have support and love around me. Been through a lot of friendships and relationships that were not good but I’m glad I found the right people and the good ones. 

ITS: Thats good you have support like that. What about family? Do they support you ?

GA: No not at all. My mom… Absolutely hates it. She doesn’t support at all and has tried to get me to quit several times. I don’t know why but I don’t even care anymore. It’s what I like to do and if she doesn’t support it I have people that do. 

ITS: Well you definitely have others that support you. Family comes and goes. We try to support many artist here at FTU. On that note, Where can we find you and your music ?

GA: I can be found on Insta, Twitter, Soundcloud, and YouTube. I will put my music on other streaming services like Spotify soon! Here are my links: 

ITS: Awesome, Any last message you want to share?

GA: My last message is don’t let anyone tell you who you can be. You can be whoever the fuck you want, do what you want and follow your heart. I want to thank Fuck The Unknown, their whole team, and everyone who reads this. This interview means so much to me truly and I’m grateful, thank you!

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