Get To Know No Clue

Get To Know No Clue

No Clue is the seven artist collective who have already built an impressive discography. With a steady release pattern and wide range of styles, the No Clue tag on a song is associated with first-class hip-hop music. Made up of eclectic producers and witty lyricists, the chemistry these young artists have built shows on every track released through No Clue. In 2019, Amir Bilal and Riley Lamarre started what would soon become an 8 person team hellbent on creating refreshing hip-hop music  

For such a young collective, their achievements and releases prove they are not going anywhere anytime soon. Get familiar with each member of No Clue and their art; 


 The capo of No Clue AKA 98PREEM creates vivid imagery through his witty but direct lyrics. PREEM has mastered smooth flows over dark and jazzy beats through the release of two projects and a few singles. GRACE FROM THE GREAT ONE 2 is his most recent release and his best yet. An outstanding 8 track outing featuring silky production from fellow No Clue members. PREEM also provides visual help to the group as well, creating amazing artwork for albums and singles that are released through the No Clue factory. 

Best tracks: Serrated Racketeering, Hoops, Blood Vessels 


Amir Bilal 

With one of the sharpest pens in rap, Amir Bilal has an arsenal of catchy, memorable tracks in what is shaping up to be an unforgettable discography. The Virginia nativte debuted with the impressive Brain On Fire in 2019, solidifying him as one of the most exciting, young voices releasing music today. Bilal’s EP XVIII is his most acclaimed project to date. A short and direct introduction to Bilal’s ability to create instant chemistry on a track. His latest project was a three-song piece called calm before… entirely produced by Nephew Hesh. This acts as a prelude to a full project coming from the duo that will hopefully hit the internet soon. 

Best tracks: Half Sunny/Salt in the wound, Roses, Sulfur 



Coming off producing a majority of Your Old Droog’s 2020 album Dump YOD: Krutoy Edition, Argov is on a fast pace to become your favorite producer’s favorite producer. Argov’s diverse sound and unique approach to song structure has allowed him to create a bright sound all to his own. Last year the No Clue composer released shekel signs, a 12 track beat tape that weaves together Argov’s sampling prowess and gritty drum programming. After his impressive 2020, 2021 is shaping up to be the year of Argov. 

Best tracks: Pita, Home, Mask (From the Metro Luciano EP) 


Bart Buurman 

The name Bart Buurman is synonymous with dreamy loops. The New York based producer has a wide range of flips and collaborations, such as Barrilete Cosmico with Metroworldpeace, within his discography and it seems like he isn’t slowing down at all. Buurman breathes new life into the verses he flips, finding incredible samples and hard-hitting drums that provide a fresh, new platform for these timeless verses. His most recent solo release comes in the form of the 12-track Get The Name Right. An insanely cohesive project that features verse from fellow No Clue artist. 

Best tracks: Planet Kalebo, Four (from Barrilete Cosmico), Ruby (from Amir Bilal’s XVIII)



CRUZIN is making a beeline to be one of  New York’s finest. CRUZIN is as honest as a songwriter can get. He leaves no stone unturned in his songs, with imagery so vivid, a CRUZIN album could very well be a major motion picture. CRUZIN’s debut project KEEP FAITH, is a somber piece dedicated to grief and overcoming. Released in 2019, the 8-track project acts as an autobiography into the mind of an artist who doesn’t hold anything back in their writing. More recently, CRUZIN released Things Heal, a 4-track project that proves the Bronx’s brightest star is just getting started. 

Best tracks: Sunrise, 6th Man, Transcend/Patience



The young sage of No Clue has been consistently releasing cohesive and impressive projects since his debut in 2018. The thought-provoking raps started with his project .i dont know me anymore,  since then the Raleigh vocalist has been releasing well thought-out projects that burst at the seams with intricate verses delivered through buttery, passionate flows. With a great ear for beats and a knack for storytelling, Illohim is able to prove why he has one of the most diverse sounds in rap right now. In February, Illohim teamed up with the multi-talented producer/vocalist E to create honey, i love, a gorgeous album that proves just how many styles Illohim is able to tap into. On this project you can hear Illohim and E go towards a more jazz-influenced sound and provide a melodic listening experience that is one of a kind. 

Best tracks: Mandela Effect, Canvas, Times Up 


Riley Lamarre 

Riley Lamarre has nothing to prove, his production speaks for itself. In-your-face drums mixed with satisfying loops melt into slick beats that give you the feeling of levitation. Since his first beat mix went up on Bandcamp in 2019, Lamarre has found the perfect mix of soft chords and slamming drums. The Maine based producer has a wide range of projects, all proving how Lammare is able to craft damn-near perfect instrumentals. More recently, he summed up his 2020 with In Case You Missed It, a compilation of beats Lamarre crafted over the past year in preparation for what is sure to be an impressive 2021. 

Best tracks: 1977, War Crimes, Dead Weight 



No Clue’s most recent addition comes in the form of an unapologetic lyricist who turns every track he’s on into a rap clinic. Blackchai puts his all into every verse he raps, putting so much confidence and passion into every word he writes. Blackchai released the single “flasque” in 2018 and has only advanced what was already an undeniable cadence. His ability to find these niche pockets to rap in never ceases to amaze. With his arrival into the No Clue team, Blackchai released “Ny2Pa” produced by Riley Lamarre, a smooth track where Blackchai pays homage to his two homes. 

Best tracks: Sozin, Ny2pa, Check Raise 



Members from No Clue have formed smaller groups within the No Clue Universe. Combining talents to create supergroups without having to stray too far from home. 

PREEMBILAL – No Clue’s Capo 98PREEM and Young Holy AKA Amir Bilal come together to create PREEMBILAL. Appearing on tracks throughout No Clue’s discography, the duo always prove just how strong their chemistry is. With only a couple singles released under this name, fans have been on the edge of their seats waiting for the release of the full project the two have been teasing. 

Best tracks: Venom Drench, Soul Controller, DUNKIN (PROTONE VS PREEMBILAL)  

Prestige Worldwide – Riley Lamarre, Argov and Bart Buurman came together on the 2021 release Prestige Worldwide. This project contains 4 instrumentals from each of No Clue’s beat-makers and proves exactly why No Clue has some of the best production in rap right now. 

Check out the full project here: 

Listen to all the songs mentioned above on this playlist; 

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