Fuck The Unknown: Our Favorite Projects From 2019

Fuck The Unknown: Our Favorite Projects From 2019

Tons of great music have come and gone, but theres still those few projects that we keep close to us. With that being said, we have accumulated a list to bring to the people. Heres our top 5 projects from 2019.

Top 5 by @zionistheworst:

Creature Pt. 1 by Guardin | This album strongly encompasses different emotions surrounding depression, loneliness, and displacement. Guardin has always been an artist that I have connected with on a different level. Someone that continues to inspire me to create. The amount of times I have cried, screaming this tape on the way home on a lonely night is fucking crazy. Super good. He just makes you feel like you will be okay.

Halloween, but all year by Foreign Forest | This is the newest album on my list. It was released on Halloween and that automatically makes it vibe central for me. The artwork is what pulled me in initially, with the decaying pumpkin boi and his skull and candle. There’s not much I can say about this tape other than listen to it. It will remind you of loved ones, remind you who you are, and remind you where you need to be.

maroon by sewerperson | sewerperson is EASILY my favorite artist of 2019 with breakout hits like “whole damn week”, and “where’d u go! :(” the fact that there is a sad face in the title of that track should make you want to listen to it immediately. But in all seriousness, Miles has the trajectory to soar so high. maroon holds tracks like “i can hear u talk to me” which features a lower voiced miles with flows as authentic as ever. The way he uses his perspective is EXACTLY the way I think in my brain. And I think that’s why I love him so much as an artist. maroon is just an extension of that for me.

LIVE FAST DIE WHENEVER by $uicideBoy$ x Travis Barker | Honestly the production on this tape is some of the hardest I have ever heard. The triplet flows and G59 references are as apparent as ever and that makes me happy. Very happy.

cedar by sewerperson | It might be a cop out to include sewerperson twice on this list. But that should just go to show how amazing I think he is, and how many albums this year were absolute trash. Going through my Spotify and SoundCloud to see what I have saved from this year was painful. Almost nothing! But nevertheless, my favorite track from this tape has to be “sumwhere in toronto.” I feel like I’m flying down Yonge Street with the boy himself.

Top 5 by @mgmtnomovalentine :

Freewave 3 by Lucki | Freewave 3 combines the underground Chicago style with a more refined touch of life. Touches on the usual drugs and materialistic lifestyle while mixing in emotions of heartbreak and other common life struggles.

Days B4 III by Lucki | Similar to Freewave 3, Days B4 has that underground Chicago style, but comes as more of a breath of fresh air. Lucki seems more open to reality and how a lot things won’t satisfy you.

Send Help by BigBabyGucci | As the title speaks for itself, Send Help comes as a call for help with the tone of the BigBabyGucci. The tracklist is diverse and BBG sounds conflicted as his tone contradicts some of the track topics.

Purple Heart by Baby Smoove | Purple Heart is your typical project for your drug coping broken hearted. It’s grounded, straightforward, and relatable.

To The Moon and Back by Broly500! | This project by Broly500! is the most diverse project I’ve heard since some of the late XXXTENTACION’s pieces. Each track has a different root background and although they don’t blend well, they’re done well.

Top 5 by @dhenryd :

The Lost Boy by YBN Cordae | Touching debut album, shows a bright future for the rest of the rap game, resonates with me on a personal level.

Zuu by Denzel Curry | True to his roots, not manufactured “fast food” music, everything on there exists with purpose and adds context to the record but also plays well on shuffle.

Welcome Home by Aries | Unique anti-pop, great vocals. good mix of tracks and style, mostly all self produced.

We Love You Tecca by Lil Tecca | The whole project is hits on hits and never fails to uplift me. Whatever song you put on will always be lit.

Aj Tracey by Aj Tracey | Brilliant showing for the UK rap scene, so many great songs and hits. Also shows grime and rap can have a more mellow and serious undertone with tracks like Country Star.

Top 5 by @fuckevers:

Ethernet 2 by WifisFuneral | Being a longtime listener of Weef, I can say that this tape is definitely evolutionary. Beat selection goes stupid and the lyrics definitely go over heads on first few listens. A must listen for sure!

Suga by Kyle Dion | Nothing but heartwarming bangers on this album. If you’re a fan of R&B, this album is definitely one to check out. 10/10, no skips, all hits!

Everything’s For Sale by Boogie | This album is truly what the west-coast needed. Boogie covers everything from the struggle, love, and the true LA hustle. I’d have to admit that “Whose Fault” had me in tears on the first listen. Boogies raw lyrics really do get to you.

Days B4 III by Lucki | Lucki is definitely growing into something no one is ready for. Beverly Hills to 35th, Hollywood Dreamer, and Me Myself & I are top 3 in my book. Also, shout out Callari from Neilaworld for producing 2 of You (Hearts)

The Plugs I Met by Benny The Butcher | Usually play east coast music when I’m working in my room. But this project has been on repeat regardless the environment. Beats are refreshing. Lyrics and punchlines make my disgusted face come on.

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