Frank Samuel – Past Life Regression!

Frank Samuel – Past Life Regression!

Inside the walls and sounds of Chicago, from the blaring sirens, banging metal, and endless tunes. Chicago music has made its mark through its many staples like the legendary blues, harsh drill, atmospheric pop, and etc. Yet, even with all these styles, there are still on the rise artists that are curating their own world within it. From the synth pops of “The Never Ending Search for Love”, to the cosmic sounds of “Cycle Blue“; Frank Samuel comes with a new masterpiece in his latest EP “Past Life Regression”. The project is stunningly experimental and one of a kind. Truly makes you wonder if this is next for the future of music. Frank says: “I ended up at a warehouse rave in East Nashville and danced a lot. Chicago’s house scene is prolific and under appreciated. I was thoroughly inspired. My hips felt compelled to move. This record is meant to give you that feeling.” Check out more on the artist, his project, and its priors in the links below.

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