CRIMEWAVE’s Latest Drop Features New Heat

CRIMEWAVE’s Latest Drop Features New Heat

Artist CRIMEWAVE is known for his personal artwork, with his Instagram page boasting 113k followers, and his collaborations with other major streetwear brands such as Superrradical and Half Evil 333. However, CRIMEWAVE also boasts his own portfolio of drip. Each piece features a design with a political message, or some form of social commentary providing insight into the mind behind the art, and an important message.

CRIMEWAVE’s artwork often features subtle messages that are meant only for the keen eye – however it seems in this drop CRIMEWAVE has chosen to take a more direct approach on issues such as gun violence by using bold text. This drop also features two pieces focused on materialism, with a barcode and hands reaching out from behind, symbolising the grip materialism has on our society and the way it holds us prisoner.

The prices on these pieces range from $36.00 t-shirts, to $120.00 hoodies.

CRIMEWAVE has made it clear that he is in the streetwear game to make quality garms and leave a lasting impact on the culture. With this only being CRIMEWAVE’s second drop, we will be keeping a close eye on the future of the brand.

You can cop a piece from CRIMEWAVE’s latest drop here, and follow on Twitter and Instagram.

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