Chakuda 💫

Chakuda 💫

Recently, I got the chance to sit with Chakuda. One of my favorite artists right now in the South Florida scene. I love his approach to music. Doesn’t have to say too much, doesn’t have to bend your mind with metaphors he just commands attention with the simple. That’s a gift that cannot be taught. Very involved in every aspect of his creative process this guy does not leave it to chance. From artwork, to production, & engineering. The finished product is always genuine, always him.

This isn’t conscious music. This isn’t hip-hop. It’s a vibe. Chakuda makes music for the real lifers. Really some shit I could smoke to, take with me on the road doesn’t really matter if that’s the type of thing you’re into.

“Rap music is slave music. Slave communication was encrypted, spoken in code, so really this is the new version of it,”-Earl Sweatshirt, In/between us: a conversation on art, music, and life with Thebe Kgositsile and Cheryl I. Harris

Hit that motherfucking link if you’re into cool shit

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