Censor Bundy – Standing Still

Censor Bundy – Standing Still

It’s 11:57pm at the time of me writing this and I’m scrolling through my phone and I see a text message awaiting me with a link to an artist named Censor Bundy and a song titled Standing Still at first I am a bit hesitant on clicking it praying this will be an artist who impresses me because lately, it seems as the stream of good songs is limited at the moment.

But coming in at 2 minutes and 50 seconds Censor Bundy delivers a smooth and relaxing track about standing his ground through the thick of having some relationship problems nothing but raw emotions on this track that’ll have you keep this song on repeat.

I can’t help but feel the frustrations on this track if you haven’t heard this track by now what are you even doing? because this is something you need to hear in order to remind yourself of who you are, I’m adding this song to one of my playlists right now and I would advise you do the same.

With so many quotable and rememberable lines on this, you’re bound to come out singing this to yourself over and over so you might as well stay tuned in with this artist.

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