Catching Up With Yoshi

Catching Up With Yoshi

How old are and what is it that you do?

I’m 19 and I produce music

Where are you from?

I’m from San Antonio, Texas

Do you think your surroundings shaped you in any way creatively? In what way?

For sure most definitely, whether it’d be the sounds of the area I’m in that could spark melody ideas, the overall energy of the place that could determine what type of beat I would want to make for the day or even the type of people that are there could help inspire what type of music I make. Just very small things like that.

Who are your top 5 artists/producers?

Top 5 producers and artists is hard. It’d have to be jvst x, JustWarrenPeace, bsterthegawd, fluff pink and Meltycanon.

What made you want to start producing beats?

What made me want to start producing beats was seeing my friends on IG making beats on FL and I thought that shit was cool but I didn’t have a computer at the time so I just got a cracked version of FL Mobile on my phone and tried it out.

What’s your favorite song at the moment?

Favorite song at the moment is Come Thru Like Hatori by Luna

Who would you like to collab with? (Artists or producers)

I’d love to collab more with jvst x, JakeNaRi and vintage but people I want to collab with in the future are JustWarrenPeace, I Hate Mago, legend and bsterthegawd

How would you describe your style?

Honestly I would describe my style as the personality of mob from mob psycho 100. Has no idea what the fuck is going on but still manages to do everything in his own unique way and be good at it

What keeps you going? How you doing mentally?

Things that keep me going are the undying support in the producer, music community as a whole really. The fact that people will support and fuck with each other no matter how big or small you are and will put you on the map is crazy. Mentally I’d say I’m doing pretty good, spacing out the amount of time I spend making music and balancing that with my personal life better has definitely put less strain on my mental health.

What do your parents think about you doing music?

Honestly I don’t even think my parents know I make music, but even if they did find out eventually they’d support me 100% of the way and continue to push me to the best of my abilities no matter what happens

Outside of music, what keeps you busy?

Outside of music I’m usually either busy being with friends, at school or at work. just your typical day to day shit that helps keep my mind busy and always having my mind set on finishing something for the day that isn’t music related

Where do you see yourself this time next year?

This time next year I see myself evolved as a producer and having more knowledge in how to promote myself, grow a business out of my music and being more known and spread out than I currently am. Achieving more of the goals I had set myself in music faster than I had expected to

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