Catching Up With Pedia

Catching Up With Pedia

Where are you from? Have your surroundings shaped you in a creative sense, and in what way?

I’m from the middle of Cali, and id say that yeah my surroundings have made me into what I am today, with biker rallies and bars, etc around me and also with my mom and dad showing me different music all my life

What’s your background like?

Very alternative, I was born in Fresno, CA and my family moved to Hollister, CA and we lived there till I was like 9 or so and in that town like I said everyone goes to biker rallies, bars, and parties all the time so shit was cool.

Who are your top 5 favorite artists?

Mac Miller, Jonathan Davis, Marilyn Manson, Childish Gambino, and Tyler, The Creator

What made you start making music?

I have always been an artist, but I started because I woke up not high and depressed one day and thought “hey I could maybe do something with myself”

Who are your biggest influences?

Korn, Die Antwoord, and Nirvana

What’s your favorite song at the moment?

I don’t have one right now, but my favorite song of all time is Best Day Ever by Mac Miller

What keeps you going? How you doing mentally?

My music, family, friends and the very few fans I have. I’m doing okay, ill never be fully okay cause if I was to tell you guys that id be lying, but yeah I’m okay

How would you describe your style?

I’m not too sure, I’ve been told I sound emo/pop-punk, or that I sound experimental, I’m just me I guess

What do you hope to accomplish in 2019?

Just to work hard enough to see my internet friends irl and make more music, and most important to make people feel better <3

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