Catching Up With GeeohhS

Catching Up With GeeohhS

How old are and where are you from?

I’m currently 20 years old and I’m from a small city near Toronto, but since most non-Canadians don’t know about Canada I just say Toronto

Have your surroundings shaped you in a creative sense, and in what way?

In my city/ area a lot of people are either on that Toronto sound, or they’re on some underground emo wave. I’ve never really liked that sound, so I guess it kinda shaped my sound to be more “unique” if that makes sense.

Who are your top 5 artists/producers?

This list has been changing a lot over time, but I remember being inspired by Dj Smokey, Purpdogg, Southside and Icytwat because that was what I was listening to a lot when I first started producing. They inspired me a bunch.

What made you want to start producing beats?

I remember hearing that Dj Smokey was from my city (I was listening to a lot of phonk back then) and then one day I got bored and decided to get Fl Studio 11 and try producing a little. Probably one of the best life choices I ever made.

What’s your favorite song at the moment?

I would say the song I just dropped with Blankfac3 (100 Degrees) but if we’re talking about music I didn’t have a part in, I would say Over You by Lucki

You produced the beat for Blankfac3’s new track ‘100 Degrees’, can you tell us how that was put together?

Basically I remember Surf (@surfskrt) tweeting about his music, so I went and linked with him through there. I think a week or so later, he put on his IG story that he was recording all day, so I texted him a couple of beats while I was at work, and he ended up sending the song back within the same day.

How would you describe your style?

Simplistic yet hard

What keeps you going? How you doing mentally?

To be honest its the love people show whenever I produce something hard. Like I remember when I first heard someone perform a song I produced at a show and that made me feel so good. Its the small shit that keeps me going.

What do your parents think about you doing music?

They don’t necessarily mind it nor do they love it. It’s mainly them just wanting me to focus on school and all that but it’s all love at the end of the day.

Outside of music, what keeps you busy?

To be honest, it’s not much. If I’m not working I’m usually watching random shit on YouTube.

Where do you see yourself this time next year?

Honestly I have no idea. I know my production will definitely improve, but outside of that I have no idea.

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