Catching Up With Azure The Paradox

Catching Up With Azure The Paradox

How old are and where are you from?

I am currently 19. I was born in Washington, DC. but I was raised in PG County, MD

Have your surroundings shaped you in a creative sense, and in what way?

I stayed inside a lot as a kid so I skipped out a lot on DMV culture and music. I was essentially raised by the internet. I had to discover music on my own so my tastes aren’t rooted in what most kids from my area listen to. Creatively though I can say now that the diversity of our culture has shaped me to naturally branch out.

How did you join Discreet Records?

In like late last September I was trying to release my debut album Faded my distributor back then was trying to block the release by flagging nonexistent samples and such. Vador stepped in and helped me release the album. The day before the release we were talking and he signed me to a joint venture with De Alpha Music, but we’re currently in a process of breaking that and having me exclusively under Discreet.

Who are your top 5 favorite artists?

This is in no order Sean Leon, XXXTENTACION, Travis Scott, Supa Bwe, and Jazz Cartier

What made you start making music?

I was on Youtube and saw videos of Tyler, the Creator and Childish Gambino in the studio. Watching the music video for Goldie by A$ap Rocky made me want to take the leap. Back then it was to cope with my anger issues and depression. Just searching for a way to express myself in a world that told me I wouldn’t be shit at anything. I fell in love with music and kept going at it.

Who are your biggest influences? 

Sean Leon, Travis Scott, XXXTENTACION, Supa Bwe, Jazz Cartier, Childish Gambino, Denzel Curry, Ski Mask The Slump God, and WondaGurl

What’s your favorite song at the moment?

My favorite song at the moment is I Hate You by Supa Bwe

What keeps you going? How you doing mentally?

My motivation is to keep pushing with my music shit and knowing that I wasn’t born for a 9 to 5. I have too much energy to be wasted in a life of mediocrity. I’m motivated by my destiny to be something bigger. My mental has always been fucked up in some way but I’m functioning better than ever.

You recently dropped a tape ‘NOTHING’S THE SAME AT MIDNIGHT’ can you tell me how that was put together? Any songs that didn’t make the cut?

I started working on that album after Faded came out. My ADHD just pushed me right back into album mode after a few days. This was more of a collaborative effort than most of my projects as Alxandah helped produce, arrange, mix, and master half the album while I did the other half. The process was pretty straight forward. I knew what I wanted to do, what vibes I wanted and I just went from there. Aside from the bonus tracks, I think only a few songs got completely cut or were never finished. One of them is called Run My City, which I’m repurposing for my next album

How would you describe your style?

People used to call me a mature Gambino earlier in my career. Just cause we sounded alike and made similar music. I would describe my music as fitting more in the wave of melodic, atmospheric, emotional, and holding nothing back.

What do your parents think about you doing music?

They’re both skeptical and supportive. I had to start showing them results before they took any of it seriously.

Outside of music, what keeps you busy?

This summer I’m just trying to be with my people as much as possible but other than that I’m chasing the bag.

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