Catching Up With Alxandah

Catching Up With Alxandah

Where are you from? Have your surroundings shaped you in a creative sense, and in what way?

I’m from Chicago. I grew up there you know. I learned a lot of general life skills but I’d say it wasn’t until I moved out into this suburb that I really started to become introspective. So I took that introspection and emulated into sound, my music has and will always be about feeling and having an experience.

What’s your background like?

My background was actually kinda wobbly if I’m being 100% honest. My Mom had me at 15 and my Dad was a Black Stone selling ack so…. ye. It was just my Grandparents, Mom, and my Brother. To make an unfortunate situation worse, I moved around a lot and so I never actually retained any friends. So that just conditioned me to be a lonely ass introverted nigga. But I wouldn’t change a thing cause we chilling now, I hi-key just started making some real ass friends that I genuinely want to keep around forever.

Who are your top 5 favorite artists?

Top 5 gotta be 1. Kendrick 2. J.Cole 3. Chance 4. Kanye 5. Donald Glover

What made you start making music?

I actually started because I was “trying” to make video games and wanted to try and make my own shit. So I was making a lot of really weird ass video-game sounding music. Then one day I stumble upon the show Community and like I do with every show, started looking up all the actors lol. One thing leads to another, I’m listening to Worst Guys by Donald. Then listening to Chance’s Miracle of the Surf album. But that was when I was still in Chicago. So I literally found all this amazing shit I’ve never heard before like Acid Rap, then I moved to the suburbs so the mix of not having friends out there and just not having friends in general. I stayed inside all day listening to these albums I’ve just found. I actually wasn’t making anything during that time. It wasn’t until I heard Antidote by Travis that I felt the urge to try and make songs. Back then it was electronic soundscapes….

Who are your biggest influences?

Biggest influences are the same as my top five but also add Tyler, Travis, and Drake

What’s your favorite song at the moment?

Fav song atm is Asphalt by Alxandah jk, it’s actually Locals by EB

What keeps you going? How you doing mentally?

My mental state has been very wishy-washy as of late, I’ve been losing motivation to create. But I’m very seasoned with dealing with shit like this. So I just step away from TRYING to create and take a break, meditate, smoke some weed, binge watch shows. After a week or two, I feel recharged.

How would you describe your style?

Conscious Introspective Preaching -Rap/Trap Electronic R&B fuckery

What do you hope to accomplish in 2019?

I’m going to release my album Alex in Wanderland. Then I’ma start producing some peoples projects. And I’m going to perform my first live show and hopefully more.




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