Cameron Butler Brings the Gas with “Propane”

Cameron Butler Brings the Gas with “Propane”

If you scour the underground scene long enough you’ll come across artists who make you wonder “how are you not famous by now?” New York born artist, Cameron Butler, fits that mold for me perfectly. I first found Butler back in 2012 during the Tumblr days and have kept my ears on the steady stream of aural beauty he’s created since then. Now based out of North Carolina, he has continued to evolve his sound while continually one upping himself with each release. And he does not disappoint with his latest single, “Propane.”

This self-produced record showcases Butlers raw talent and production quality to a tee. As his vocals hit, the song sounds like something that could be on an upcoming Travis Scott album. That’s not a knock on Butler, but rather a testament to the quality that the 23 year old is able to bring to a game filled with poor mixes and bedroom aesthetics. From the catchy chorus to the way he effortlessly slides through his verses, the whole track just takes you on a spacey journey from start to finish.

Butler has a new project, “Extraterrestrial: The Singles (EP)” dropping October 11th. In the meantime stream “Propane” below.

Score: 9/10 

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