Bang or Duke?

Bang or Duke?

The latest effort from the South Florida native DukeOTE proves he can hold his own weight. It’s ambitious and straight to the point. Bang or Duke whichever you prefer is finding his mean streak on this one.

To start the project we dive straight into it. A little self reflecting going on through the first half. Maybe venting is a better word to use. A young man with the world right in front of him. While the first few tracks aren’t unbearable, they definitely aren’t the highlights of this project. DukeOTE is at his best when it seems the words roll off his tongue.

Tracks like “Bang’s Boogie” capture that essence almost perfectly. You get a glimpse of what he can do as an artist when he replaces the introspective, quasi deep topics for hard bars and energy. That’s the DukeOTE I like to hear.

Surprisingly, this is a very concise tape. I didn’t know what to expect upon first entry. He has a sound and it may be in the developing stages but it’s there. Certain bars didn’t really go where I wanted them to go. This isn’t some lyrical showcase. Neither is it a trunk rattler. It does it’s best to meet in the middle. The enunciation of certain words piss me off but I’ll live. The colorful personalities between Bang and Duke make up for where the actual rapping lacks. This is a solid project to build off. Let’s sit back and watch the progression. Check it out below!

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