Baby Kevo Hopes You Don’t Forget “Remember Me”

Baby Kevo Hopes You Don’t Forget “Remember Me”

This submission came to my inbox from Houston based artist, Baby Kevo. On my first listen, I was immediately drawn in. A big trend in the SoundCloud scene lately has been to make the first 15 seconds of a song sound insane (largely in part due to the producer of the track), only to completely disappoint once the vocals hit. However the buildup of this JFlex produced track combined with Kevo’s reverbed out vocals build perfectly into the songs catchy and melodic chorus.

From a technical aspect, the verses are nothing too impressive. The lyrics are very surface level and your cliche trap style, but the performance makes up for all of that tenfold. Sacrificing substance for entertainment, Kevo creates a song that flows through itself so beautifully. The type of song you could have on repeat and not really think twice about it until around your fifth listen, Baby Kevo swung for the fences on this release which happens to be just his second song on Soundcloud.

If this track is any indication of the potential of the 21 year-old Texan, then expect to hear a lot more from Baby Kevo in the future. Peep the track below and see if this makes the cut for your playlists.

Score: 8.5/10

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