B-L1FE is Just Another Cog in the “Machine”

If you’re active in the underground rap scene on Twitter, likes are you’ve come across L1FEGFX or even a song from B-L1FE. The latest effort from the Support Art frontman comes in the form of an AMV for his single “Machine”. The production behind the song is different, but the bassline and synth work together.

Lyrically, this song is kind of mid. The lyrics seem to be very pointed and directed, but they seem to fall short of any actual substance. Now this is a diss song, but as a diss song the punchlines don’t have any real impact. Aside from that, the track seems to drag along with very little flow switches and about halfway through you sit there just waiting for the end. 

Mix-wise, it’s not my favorite but its still clear and the choices fit with the odd style of beat. The near drowning sound of the vocals combine well with the eerie vibe of the synths that play throughout. The AMV itself is well put together, but acts as a crutch to distract the listener from the monotonous tone of the song.

Definitely not the best I’ve seen from the Support Art camp in recent weeks, but peep the track and AMV below and see if you agree.

Score: 4/10

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