An Album With All The Homies

An Album With All The Homies

Released from our favorite curator Chris of “108 Mics” hailing from Sheffield, England — with some fire album art by our friend Dan.

Fast homies 200 Shies, Photon Tide, and Belt round out an impressive collection of rappers including Lil Deceased, Scott Free, Gpeso, Kidd Kwest, Herme$, Cheezl Mane and Cybernetic Snake to name a few.

The hottest producers on the album are GYPTXVN, Tali, and Scott Free mixed in with beasts like Stevie Durag, BUSHIDO995, SIXTYTHREE666 and Lil TRVSH making dark trap-inspired melodies for us to enjoy.

Dark feeling melodies with compressed drums make for an angry listen; definitely, an album to blast out your car speakers… or the new stereo monitors you just bought with that COVID stimulus check.

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