SuperStar Jig

Birth Name: Jalen Carter
Age: 19 Years Old
Hometown: Joliet, Illinois


Superstar Jig is a Recording Artist from Joliet, Illinois. Jig makes alternative Hip Hop music that can resonate with a wide audience of people. Jig has also performed at a wide variety of venues.

Jig’s sound is unpredictable but can be generally described as euphoric, weird, and psychedelic. The subject matter ranges from romance to failed relationships, drug related experiences to self reflection, and even more playful themes such as comic book characters and video games.

Superstar Jig has also released his newest EP “REBEL RADIO XO.X” on SoundCloud.


  1. Superstar Jig is from Illinois
  2. Superstar Jig has crossed multiple genres
  3. Superstar Jig about performed at a few shows
  4. Superstar Jig is 19 Years-old

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