PSYCHWARD Shocks The Masses After Showcasing Their “Nights Of Horror” Collection

From what we’ve seen within the past couple of months, PSYCHWARD has truly made their mark on the underground streetwear industry. From interactive garments like the “If Found Dead” Tee to works of quality art like the “Slasher” Woven Blanket, this brand is truly setting itself apart from others within the underground community. Local supporters of Psychward Mike have even compared him to notorious anti-icons such as Banksy and G.G. Allin. “Imagine if G.G. Allin and Banksy had a child, Mike is definitely that fucking kid!” said Mason, Mike’s personal close friend and creative assistant. The “Nights Of Horror” collection will consist of six tees, one hoodie, a pair of PSYCHWARD crocs, a decal of Mike’s morphed face, two pairs of women’s underwear, and the infamous woven blanket with a graphic that has been highly anticipated for the past 5 months. The collection will be available for purchase 10-31-19. This is definitely a drop you don’t want to miss out on.